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  • 1. Select Selective Blocking from the Call management > Advanced call settings menu.
  • 2. Click Add.
  • 3. Enter a name for the list in the Description field.
  • 4. Select From following phone numbers. This is the default setting
  • 5. Enter the phone numbers you want to block (No extension and a maximum of 12 numbers per list).

    • You can use wildcards.
    • The “?” is a wildcard that can replace a single digit anywhere in a digit string.
    • A trailing “*” represents a digit string and can only appear at the end of a string containing digits and “?” wildcards. Example: 45055512?4. 450555??34, 4505?5*.
    • To block a specific combination of the phone number you can use the “*”, Example: 450444* all incoming calls with this digit string will be blocked.
  • 6. Block private and unavailable numbers, if needed.
  • 7. Click Save and you will return to the previous page.
  • 8. Make sure the Active column is selected.
  • 9. Click Apply and OK to return to the previous page.