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User guide

Add a Call Blocking entry

1. Select Selective Blocking from the Call management > Advanced call settings menu.

2. Click Add.

3. Enter a name for the list in the Description field.

4. Select From following phone numbers. This is the default setting

5. Enter the phone numbers you want to block (No extension and a maximum of 12 numbers per list).


  • You can use wildcards.
  • The “?” is a wildcard that can replace a single digit anywhere in a digit string.
  • A trailing “*” represents a digit string and can only appear at the end of a string containing digits and “?” wildcards. Example: 45055512?4. 450555??34, 4505?5*.
  • To block a specific combination of the phone number you can use the “*”, Example: 450444* all incoming calls with this digit string will be blocked.

6. Block private and unavailable numbers, if needed.

7. Click Save and you will return to the previous page.

8. Make sure the Active column is selected.

9. Click Apply and OK to return to the previous page.