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  • The Dialing service screen lets you define how your calls are placed and received. To access the Dialing service screen, touch your Personal status icon in the top-left corner of the screen, touch Call settings, and then touch Dialing service.
  • Mobile phone – Calls are placed over your mobile voice network and are subject to charges from your mobile carrier (use your standard monthly minutes and is subject to long distance fees, where applicable). The phone number for your mobile device is displayed on the caller ID of the party receiving the call.
  • VoIP – Calls are placed over Wi-Fi or your mobile data network. Choosing this option means you do not use your standard monthly minutes.
    Note: If you have set the Simultaneous Ring, Remote Office or Sequential Ring features to ring on your mobile device, you may receive incoming calls twice; once on the app and again over the mobile network. We recommend you disable these features to avoid this behavior.
  • Call back – Calls are placed through the Bell Total Connect service, which calls back your mobile device and then establishes a connection between your device and the party you are calling. Your business phone number is displayed on the caller ID of the party receiving the call.
  • Always ask – Enabling this feature allows you to control whether a call is placed via your mobile device or the call back service.
  • Callback validation – When enabled, the app will check if Simultaneous Ring or Remote Office are enabled and, if they are, will verify that the phone number assigned to those features matches the phone number for your mobile device.