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  • The Chat functionality of Bell Total Connect allows you to have written conversations with your fellow Bell Total Connect users.
  • The Chat tab of the mobile app shows a list of the chat sessions you’ve been involved in since your last login.
  • The most recent chat is always shown at the top of this list. If you have chatted with one colleague multiple times, all of the chats with that contact are grouped as one item in the list.
  • New incoming chat messages are indicated with a notification badge to the right of the contact’s name. The icon will remain next to the name until you have read the message.
  • Touching on an entry in the list opens the chat view where you can type and send a new message to that contact. The previous messages sent to that person are also shown.
  • Touching the Menu button in the navigation bar displays the Start Group Chat option. Note that starting a group chat will remove all notification badges from your chat list.
  • For more information on how to start a group chat, please see How to start a group chat.