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  • 1. After selecting a group, click Call management.
  • 2. Click Call Park.
  • 3. Click Add.
  • 4. Enter a descriptive name for the group.
    Note: Each group must have a unique name.
  • 5. Select the appropriate Recall to option to determine where parked calls are sent when the recall timer expires.
    • Parking user only – Returns the caller to the user who parked the call.
    • Alternate recall Hunt Group only – Returns the caller to an administrator-selected Hunt Group. An alternate recall Hunt Group must be established before you can select this option.
    • Parking user first, then alternate recall Hunt Group – Returns the caller to the user who parked the call first and then, if unanswered by that person, to the selected Hunt Group.
  • 6. To assign users to this group, first perform a search for users.
    Note: Click the + or buttons to add or remove criteria fields to help further refine your search, or leave the search field blank before clicking Search to see the full list of users.
  • 7. Click on the user(s) you want to add.
    Note: Hold the Control or Shift key when clicking the mouse to select multiple users or a range of users, respectively. Each user can be assigned to a maximum of one Call Park Group.
  • 8. Click Add to move the user(s) to the Assigned users column.
    Note: Click Add all to move all users that appear in the Available users column to the Assigned users column.
  • 9. To remove users from the Assigned users column, select the user(s) and click Remove.
    Note: Click Remove all to move all users that appear in the Assigned users column to the Available users column.
  • 10. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.