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Guide for administrators

How to create a new Call Park group

1. After selecting a group, click Call management.

2. Click Call Park.

3. Click Add.

4. Enter a descriptive name for the group.

Note: Each group must have a unique name.

5. Select the appropriate Recall to option to determine where parked calls are sent when the recall timer expires.

  • Parking user only – Returns the caller to the user who parked the call.
  • Alternate recall Hunt Group only – Returns the caller to an administrator-selected Hunt Group. An alternate recall Hunt Group must be established before you can select this option.
  • Parking user first, then alternate recall Hunt Group – Returns the caller to the user who parked the call first and then, if unanswered by that person, to the selected Hunt Group.

6. To assign users to this group, first perform a search for users.

Note: Click the + or buttons to add or remove criteria fields to help further refine your search, or leave the search field blank before clicking Search to see the full list of users.

7. Click on the user(s) you want to add.

Note: Hold the Control or Shift key when clicking the mouse to select multiple users or a range of users, respectively. Each user can be assigned to a maximum of one Call Park Group.

8. Click Add to move the user(s) to the Assigned users column.

Note: Click Add all to move all users that appear in the Available users column to the Assigned users column.

9. To remove users from the Assigned users column, select the user(s) and click Remove.

Note: Click Remove all to move all users that appear in the Assigned users column to the Available users column.

10. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.