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  • 1. After selecting a group, click Call management.
  • 2. Click Call park.
  • 3. In the Setting for call park users excluding call park groups section, select the appropriate Recall to option to determine how unanswered parked calls are routed.
    • Parking user only – Returns the caller to the user who parked the call.
    • Alternate recall Hunt Group only – Returns the caller to an administrator-selected Hunt Group. An alternate recall Hunt Group must be established before you can select this option.
    • Parking user first, then alternate recall Hunt Group – Returns the caller to the user who parked the call first and then, if unanswered by that person, to the selected Hunt Group.
  • 4. Click Select alternate recall Hunt Group if you want to assign an alternate Hunt Group for the caller to be redirected to. If not, skip ahead to step 6.
    a. Perform a search to find available Hunt Groups
    • Note: Click the + or buttons to add or remove criteria fields to help further refine your search, or leave the search field blank before clicking Search to see the full list of available Hunt Groups.
    b. Click on the Hunt Group name in the Available Hunt Groups column.

    c. Click Add to move the selected Hunt Group to the Assigned Hunt Group column.
    • Note: Only one alternate recall Hunt Group can be assigned. If there is already a group in the Assigned Hunt Group column it will be replaced by, the one selected.
    d. To remove a Hunt Group from the Assigned Hunt Group column, select the Hunt Group and click Remove.
    • Note: To remove a Hunt Group, set the recall setting on the previous page to Parking user only.
  • 5. Click Save to save your changes. You will be returned to the Call Park page.
  • 6. Select either Normal or Distinct from the Ring pattern for recalled calls drop-down list.
    Note: A distinct ring pattern allows users to distinguish between new and recalled calls.
  • 7. In the Recall timer field, enter the time you want to pass before a parked call is recalled.
    Note: Accepted values range from 30 to 600 seconds (ie. up to 10 minutes).
  • 8. If the selected recall setting is Parking user first, then alternate recall Hunt Group, in the Alternate recall Hunt Group wait time field enter the time you want to pass before a recalled call is routed to the Hunt Group if it is unanswered by the person who parked the call.
  • 9. In the Setting for call park groups only section, use the Display timer drop-down list to establish the wait time for a parked call.
  • 10. Check Enable parked destination announcement if you want to enable the user parking a call to hear a message citing the destination of the parked call.
  • 11. Click Apply to update your changes.