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Bell Mail

How to set up Bell Mail in Outlook 2013

You can use Microsoft ® Outlook ® 2013 to send, receive and manage your Bell Mail messages.

1. In Outlook 2013 click FILE.

2. Click Add Account.

3. Enter your name.

4. Click E-mail Address and enter your email address.

5. Click Password and enter the password for your email account.

6. Re-enter your password.

7. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types.

8. Click Next.

9. Click POP or IMAP.

10. Click Next.

11. For the incoming mail server, enter

12. For the outgoing mail server, enter

13. For the user name, enter your Bell Mail address.

14. For the password, enter your Bell Mail password.

15. Click More Settings…

16. Click Outgoing Server.

17. Select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

18. Click Advanced.

19. Select This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).

20. Click Use the following type of encrypted connection.

21. Select TLS.

22. Under Server Timeouts, move the slider to 10 minutes.

23. Select Leave a copy of messages on the server.

24. Click OK.

25. Click Next.

26. Wait while the information is verified.

27. Click Close.

28. The email account has been added. Click Finish.