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How to pair the Business Fibe TV wireless receiver with the wireless transmitter

1. Turn on the wireless receiver and TV. This may take up to two minutes, during which no lights may be visible on the receiver.

2. Wait until you see the connection instructions appear on the TV.

3. Go to the wireless transmitter (VAP2500 or VAP3400) and confirm that it is powered on and connected to the Fibe modem via an Ethernet cable.

4. On the front of the wireless transmitter, confirm that the Wi-Fi light is green, either solid or flashing.

5. Press the WPS button on the wireless transmitter. The bottom green light will begin to flash.

6. Within two minutes, go back to the wireless receiver and press the OK button.

7. The receiver should reconnect to the transmitter and restart. This may take up to two minutes. When you see the Fibe TV logo on the screen and a green Wi-Fi light on the receiver, the pairing was successful. Press the select button on your remote to start watching TV.