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Bill explainer

Your Bell Phone bill

Note: Your first Bell bill may include prorated or partial charges. These are charges that apply for the period from the date your service was activated to your bill date, and therefore do not reflect the standard monthly rate. Only fixed monthly charges will be prorated, while usage will be billed once it has been incurred.

This is your Summary page.

The header shows your company name, bill date, account number and electronic banking ID.

The Summary of your account section shows your total amount due and your payment due date.

The Summary of your charges section shows a summary of transactions, the usage charges and taxes which will be detailed on the following pages.

The Questions? section shows you where to get answers, info and help from Bell.

This is your Account transactions page.

The Payments section shows recent payments and adjustments, including late payments, credit deposit (if applicable) and interest earned on this deposit.

This section shows Important information about your account, including changes to services and fees.

This is your Fixed monthly charges page.

This section shows a detailed breakdown of your fixed monthly charges by phone line, along with fees for associated features and equipment rentals.

This is your Usage charges page.

The Summary of your usage charges section shows a summary of your long distance charges, Pay-Per-Use services, long distance discounts and total usage charges.

The Usage charges section shows a detailed breakdown of services by phone line, including call durations.

If applicable, the Other charges and credits section will show one time charges such as:

  • Installation
  • Partial billing amounts and/or prorated charges
  • Relevant pricing changes and discounts
  • Managed long distance solution charges
  • Other service related fees

This is your Tax Summary page.

This section shows a detailed breakdown of all applicable taxes, as well as important tax information.

If applicable, the Yellow Pages Group section will show an overview of your Yellow Pages listings/ads by book, along with the issue date of each Yellow Pages book, monthly amounts and totals, other charges, credits and adjustments.