Mobile App User Guide iPhone

How to make a video call

There are a variety of ways to make a video call using the Bell Total Connect mobile app.

1. To call one of your contacts, touch the Contacts tab and select the person you would like to call, then touch the video camera icon beside the desired number to place a call.

2. To dial a number that is not stored in your contacts, touch the Call tab, use the dial pad to enter a phone number, and then touch the Video icon to place the call.

3. To call someone you have recently called (or that has recently called you), touch the History tab, touch a call entry and touch Video call, or touch the information (i) button next to the desired call and then touch the video camera icon to place a call.

4. To call someone you are chatting with, touch the video camera icon in your chat to place the call.

Note: The mobile app will automatically switch to low quality video if video call is made over the 3G network. Bell recommends that video calls be performed over a Wi-Fi network for the highest quality.