Guide for users

Viewing and updating your Simultaneous Ring settings

1. After logging in, click Call management.

2. Click Advanced call settings.

3. Click Simultaneous Ring.

Note: You may also use the appropriate Edit link of the Quick access section of the landing page.

4. All of the phone numbers you have added to your Simultaneous Ring list (and their status) are displayed here.

5. Check Alert all locations for Click-to-dial calls to make outgoing calls through the Bell Total Connect toolbar using a Simultaneous Ring-enabled device.

  • When this is selected, all of your Simultaneous Ring phone numbers will ring when making an outgoing call using the toolbar. The target number is dialled automatically when any one of these devices is picked up.

6. Click Display your IP Voice Anywhere dial-in numbers to view your IP Voice Anywhere numbers. Any phone numbers entered and enabled in your Simultaneous Ring list are recognized as valid numbers when you dial the IP Voice Anywhere service.