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Guide for users

How to import your address book to your personal directory

1. From the Profile page, click Personal directory.

2. Click Import phone list.

3. Click Choose File to upload a compatible file from your computer.

Note: Accepted formats include CSV (exported from Microsoft Outlook/Express, Google Contacts, Lotus Notes, ACT! and others) and VCF (exported from iCloud Contacts, Google Contacts and others).

4. Click Save.

Note: If the system cannot detect your file, first make sure it is a valid CSV or VCF file and upload your file again. Before clicking Continue, check Advanced options and manually select your file's parameters using the drop-down lists.

5. Select the field(s) to be imported as the contact name.

Note: You can select the Use first field and second field option to import a combination of two fields into a single name (i.e. first name and last name), or the Use first field or second field option to import only the first field as the contact name, and to only import the second field as the contact name when the first field is empty (i.e. full name and nickname).

6. Select the field(s) to be imported as the contact phone number.

Note: Up to three fields are selectable. For each contact, the system will import only the first field unless it is empty, in which case it will import the next field in sequential order until a value is detected.

7. Click Save.

8. Review your list of contacts to import and uncheck any you do not want imported.

Note: Some contacts may be unchecked by default and non-selectable if they have missing information in the source file.

9. Click Save.