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Guide for administrators

How to modify a Receptionist queue’s overflow options

This Overflow page allows you to configure a queue's routing policy when a large number of calls are received or when calls have been on hold for longer than the configured threshold.

1. After selecting a group, click Call Management.

2. Click Business Lines.

3. Click Receptionist queue.

4. Click on the queue you would like to modify.

5. Click Call Control.

6. Click Overflow.

7. Select the routing action from the choices available.

  • Perform busy treatment — A busy signal will be heard by callers.
  • Transfer to phone number — Transfer the call to the number specified in the provided field.
  • Play ringing until caller hangs up — Allow the number to continue ringing until the caller hangs up.

8. Check Enable overflow after calls wait [x] seconds if you want to enable overflow for calls that have been on hold for longer than the time specified in the designated field.

9. Check Play announcement before overflow processing if you want callers to hear an announcement prior to being routed.

10. Select the audio announcement option from the choices available.

  • Default — Use the system default entrance message.
  • Custom — Use a personalized message of your choosing.

11. If you select Custom, click Choose File and browse to the .wav file with your pre-recorded entrance message. You can also use the Voice Portal to record your message.

Note: To ensure compatibility, please refer to the Recording Procedure and Acceptable File Formats guidelines before uploading your file.

12. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.