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Guide for administrators

Enabling Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 integration

When starting up the Bell Total Connect desktop app, users will be prompted to allow integration with Microsoft Outlook contact lists and calendars. Outlook integration will enable the desktop app to reflect the userʼs presence status as either “Busy — in a meeting” when the user has a meeting scheduled, or “Available” when he or she does not.

If a user has multiple accounts linked to Outlook, the desktop app will search the contact list associated with the default account. Once an account is specified as the default account, the user may need to restart the desktop app and Outlook program for the change to take effect. Any searches performed on a userʼs contact list do not include his or her Exchange or Active Directory contact.

If Outlook is not detected during start-up, the user may need to exit and restart both the desktop app and Outlook.

Note: Depending on your service pack, some features may not apply to all users.