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Guide for administrators

About Paging Groups

The phone-to-phone paging feature allows authorized paging users to page each other by dialling a designated paging number.

On Aastra devices, users can page colleagues using a soft key on their phones. For each assigned paging group, users will have a new soft key represented by the paging group name (as defined by the administrator). Aastra users can belong to up to five paging groups, and are able to page and be paged by all users in those groups.

On Cisco devices, users can page colleagues through a paging group number defined by the administrator. Cisco users can belong to up to five paging groups and are able to page all users in the groups However, due to device limitations, they can be paged by only two of the five groups.

Administrator Actions
The Enterprise and Group Administrators can create, modify, and delete all paging groups within the enterprise or at a group level. They can also create a paging group at the enterprise level containing users from multiple paging groups. All changes made by administrators will normally activate a device reboot. For some phones, however, the configuration will not take effect until the next day.