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  • 1. From the Overview screen, scroll down to the Quick access section.
  • 2. Beside Simultaneous Ring, click on Edit.
  • 3. Click Add.
  • 4. Enter the phone number you want to add to your list.
    Note: Do not include spaces, dashes or parentheses. For long-distance numbers, the prefix ‘1’ is not required. Long distance charges might apply.
  • 5. Enter a descriptive name for the number.
  • 6. Check Enable this phone number to activate this number for Simultaneous Ring.
    Note: A checkmark will appear next to the number in your Simultaneous Ring list to indicate it is active.
  • 7. Check Ignore this number’s voicemail and call forward to prevent calls sent to this phone number from reaching the voicemail of that device or (if Call Forward is enabled), from being forwarded to the routing destination.
    Note: If your carrier does not support this option, try setting a higher number of rings for your Simultaneous Ring-enabled device to go to voicemail than the assigned number of rings for your Single Number Reach voicemail (if applicable)
  • 8. Check Answer confirmation if you want to receive an advisory prompt prior to the call being delivered, which will ask you to enter any digit on your phone’s keypad to accept the call.
    Note: This feature makes it easy to differentiate between calls generated from the Simultaneous Ring feature and regular calls received on these devices.
  • 9. Click Add to add routing rules for this number, if required.
    • Note: View the topic How to add routing rules to a phone number in your Simultaneous Ring list to learn more.
  • 10. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.