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  • The Call forwarding: When no answer feature allows you to have calls that are unanswered after a specified number of rings automatically forwarded to a specified phone number.
  • 1. Touch your Personal status icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • 2. Touch Call settings.
  • 3. Touch When no answer.
  • 4. To enable the feature, slide the toggle beside Enable to the right. It will turn green. When enabled, you must also enter a phone number for your incoming calls to be forwarded to in the Forward to # field.
    To disable the feature, slide the toggle to the left. It will turn white.
  • 5. To customize how many times an incoming call will ring before the app determines there was no answer, touch Number of rings and select one of the options.
  • 6. Touch the Back icon.
  • 7. Touch Save to save your changes.