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  • If your Wireless Receiver isnʼt paired with your Wireless Receiver Transmitter, either your TV will display a red “X” or the Fibe TV screen will appear for 15 minutes or more and the Wi-Fi light on your receiver will be red.
  • 1. If your TV displays a red “X” or if the Fibe TV screen appears for longer than 15 minutes and the Wi-Fi light on your receiver is red, you must reset your Wireless Receiver by holding down the power button for five seconds.
  • 2. Once you see the connection instructions appear on the TV, go to the Wireless Receiver Transmitter and confirm that it is powered on and connected to the Fibe modem via an Ethernet cable.
  • 3. On the front of the transmitter, confirm that the Wi-Fi light is either solid green or flashing green.
  • 4. Press the WPS button on the transmitter. The bottom green LED will begin to flash.
  • 5. Within 2 minutes, go back to the Wireless Receiver and press the OK button.
  • 6. The pairing process can take several minutes, during which different icons will appear on the TV. When the pairing is complete, the receiverʼs Wi-Fi and LINK lights will turn green. Press the Select button on your remote to start watching TV.