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  • This is your Reports dashboard.
  • Click Detections to view potentially malicious code or unwanted programs that have been found on your network.
  • Click Computer Profiles to view the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system and web browser running, which group it belongs to, whether it is configured as a relay server, and other details.
  • Click Duplicate Computers to view computers that appear more than once in administrative reports.
  • Click Unrecognized Programs to view programs that spyware protection or firewall protection detected on your network.
  • Click Inbound Events Blocked by Firewall to view computers where inbound or outbound communications were blocked by firewall protection.
  • Click Detection History to view a graphical summary of the number of detections and the number of computers where detections occurred on your network over the past year.
  • Click Web Filtering to view a summary of browsing activity on your account.