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  • Your avatar is the picture that represents you in your colleagues’ Contacts list and in chat screens. To change or remove your avatar, follow the steps detailed below.
  • 1. Touch your Personal status icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • 2. Touch your display name.
  • 3. Touch on your current avatar.
    If you have yet to set an avatar, there will be a generic grey silhouette instead of your picture. To remove your current avatar, touch Clear Profile Photo.
  • 4. Select an option for uploading your avatar; Use Camera or Choose Existing Photo. Selecting Use Camera will launch your mobile device’s camera to enable you to take a picture. Selecting Choose Existing Photo will launch your mobile device’s photo library. In both cases, you will be prompted to allow Bell Total Connect to access it. Tap OK to continue.
  • 5. Use your camera to take a picture or select a picture from your photo library. Once you are satisfied with the picture, touch Use Photo.
  • 6. Touch Save to save your changes.