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  • 1. While on an audio call, press the video camera icon on your screen to switch to a video call.
  • 2. The person you are calling will receive a pop-up notification on their screen asking them to accept the video call, and you will experience one-way audio (i.e., the other person will not be able to hear you) until they accept the video request.
    Note: Always make sure to tell the other person before you upgrade the call to a video call. Otherwise, they will not know to check their screen for the video request notification (and will likely assume the call has been dropped because they can no longer hear you).
  • 3. Once they accept the video request, your video call will begin.
    Note: The app automatically switches to low-quality video if a video call is made over the 3G network. To ensure the highest video quality, we recommend that you perform all video calls over a Wi-Fi connection.