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  • 1. Dial your IP Voice Anywhere number from a device in your Simultaneous Ring list.
  • 2. Enter your passcode, followed by the # key.
  • 3. After the prompt ("Please enter the destination digits"), press *74 and you will hear a stutter dial tone.
  • 4. To program a new speed dial number or to edit an existing speed dial assignment, enter the speed dial key you'd like to designate and the phone number you would like to program, followed by the # key.
    Note: Only digits 2 through 9 can be used as speed dial keys.
  • 5. If successful, you will hear the prompt, "Speed dial programming succeeded. Thank you." and the updated speed dial number will be visible on the Speed dial page of the Bell Total Connect Web Portal.
    Note: If you have tried to program a number to either the 1 or 0 key, you will hear the message, "Speed dial programming was not successful. Please hang up and try your call again. Thank you."