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  • 1. From the Call management page, click on Standard call settings.
  • 2. Click on Shared Call Appearance.
  • 3. Check Alert all shared appearances that Click-to-dial request has been made to have all numbers on your Shared Call Appearance list ring when you make an outgoing call using the Bell Total Connect toolbar.
  • 4. Check Enable call park notification to have all appearances of your phone number on other sets see the parked notification when calls are parked to your number.
  • 5. Check Allow barge-in between shared call appearance numbers to allow the ability for phones that have been added to your Shared Call Appearance list join an ongoing call between you and another party. The designated colleague can join your conversation by selecting the flashing line button that appears on his or her handset.
  • 6. Select a Barge-in warning tone from the choices available.
    • None — Select this option if you do not want to hear a tone alerting you when a designated colleague joins your call.
    • Barge-in only — Select this option if you want to hear a tone talertingyou when a designated colleague joins your call.
    • Barge-in and repeat every 30 seconds — Select this option if you want to hear a tone every 30 seconds after a designated colleague has joined your call. This option may be useful in ensuring privacy by having an ongoing reminder that your designated colleague is also on the line.
  • 7. Select On for Multiple Call Arrangement to enable you to make outgoing calls and receive multiple incoming calls simultaneously from your different Shared Call Appearance endpoints. It also enables all endpoint locations to originate a call even if another location is busy.
    Note: This feature provides improved support for the manager/administrative assistant scenario by presenting incoming calls to all locations, regardless of the ongoing call activity.
  • 8. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.