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  • Before activating your voicemail you will need to record a personal voicemail greeting. View the topic How to record your voicemail greeting for more information.
  • 1. After logging in, click Call management.
  • 2. Click Voicemail settings.
  • 3. Click Manage voicemail.
  • 4. Select On.
  • 5. Check the appropriate box to specify which types of calls to send to voicemail: all calls or just unanswered calls.
  • 6. Use the drop-down list to specify the number of times your phone will ring before the caller hears your voicemail greeting.
  • 7. Under Email options, specify how the messages that are forwarded to your email inbox are to be managed.
    Note: View the topic How to set up voicemail to email functionality for more information.
  • 8. If you want callers that reach your voicemail to be prompted with the option to be routed to another number when they enter 0, enter that number in the Zero-out phone number field, or leave the field blank to disable the feature.
    Note: This will not work for an extension mailbox.
  • 9. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.