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  • 1. After logging in, click Call management.
  • 2. Click Paging.
  • 3. Click Paging groups.
  • 4. Click Add.
  • 5. Enter a name for the paging group.
    Note: The name must contain 15 characters or less.
  • 6. Enter the number that will be used to page users within this group.
    Note: The number must have three digits and cannot be 911.
  • 7. Use the drop-down list to select a filter for the paging group. You can choose between the enterprise as a whole or a specific group within the enterprise. Users from your selected filter will appear in the Available users column.
    Note: As a Group Administrator, you can only filter within your group.
  • 8. Search for users within your selected filter by entering criteria such as first name, last name or phone number. The Available users column will update accordingly with users matching your criteria.
    Note: The remaining paging group capacity is listed for each user. Users who reach their device limit for paging will be greyed out.
  • 9. From the Available users column, click on the user(s) you want to assign to the new paging group.
    Note: Hold the Control or Shift key when clicking the mouse to select multiple users or a range of users, respectively.
  • 10. Click Add to move the users to the Assigned users column.
    Note: You can click Add all to add the full list of searched users.
  • 11. To add broadcast-only users (i.e., Cisco phone users), follow the same steps above to search for and add users in this section.
    Note: Cisco users can page up to five intercom groups but can be paged by only the users of two intercom groups. Adding a Cisco user to this list means they can page (i.e., broadcast) but not be paged by the users of this group.
  • 12. To remove users from the Assigned users columns, select the user(s) and click Remove.
    Note: To remove all users in a column by clicking Remove all.
  • 13. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.