• With Selective Call Forwarding, you can forward incoming calls to an alternate phone number depending on who is calling, time of day, day of week, or other criteria you define. For example, you can use this feature to forward calls from important customers to a special Hunt Group or forward calls to a different Auto Attendant or answering service after business hours.

    For each entry in your Selective Call Forwarding list, you can include up to 12 phone numbers to be forwarded as well as a schedule of times for forwarding.

    To forward a call you must satisfy all the criteria you assign (ie. phone number, time of day, day of week). Un-forwarded calls are handled by the system as they normally would be without Selective Call Forwarding.

    You must designate one phone number as your default forwarding number. All calls are forwarded to the default number unless you add criteria specifying that calls be forwarded to another number of your choice.