• Music on Hold enhances your Bell Total Connect service by allowing music and recorded announcements play for callers placed on hold. Recordings are played for external callers only.

    Anyone in your organization can create an audio source file (in .wav format) that administrators can upload through the Bell Total Connect Web Portal. Any music used must satisfy all applicable licensing obligations. Once a file is in the system, you can activate or deactivate the feature as required.

    Through the Bell Total Connect Web Portal, group administrators can modify the hold music by selecting, enabling, or disabling a .wav audio file for all phone types, toolbars, and receptionist consoles, as well as for calls placed on hold by a side-car attendant console.

    Changing the audio source file has no impact on calls that are active at the time of the change. Callers already on hold will continue to hear the music that is already playing for them. New callers will hear the audio from the new source.

    Please note that this feature is distinct from the Music on Hold features associated with the Receptionist Queue.